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Accepted Papers


Best short paper

Examining Covert Gender Bias: A Case Study in Turkish and English Machine Translation Models

Commendation for outstanding position paper

Underreporting of errors in NLG output, and what to do about it

(Joint) best long paper to both of the below

SAPPHIRE: Approaches for Enhanced Concept-to-Text Generation

Generating Diverse Descriptions from Semantic Graphs

INLG accepted papers (excluding Generation Challenges papers)

Affective Decoding for Empathetic Response Generation
Chengkun Zeng, Guanyi Chen, Chenghua Lin, Ruizhe Li and Zhi gang Chen

Attention Is Indeed All You Need: Semantically Attention-Guided Decoding for Data-to-Text NLG
Juraj Juraska and Marilyn Walker

BERT-based distractor generation for Swedish reading comprehension questions using a small-scale dataset
Dmytro Kalpakchi and Johan Boye 

Biomedical Data-to-Text Generation via Fine-Tuning Transformers
Ruslan Yermakov, Nicholas Drago and Angelo Ziletti 

Chefbot: A Novel Framework for the Generation of Commonsense-enhanced Responses for Task-based Dialogue Systems
Carl Strathearn and Dimitra Gkatzia

Contextualizing Variation in Text Style Transfer Datasets
Stephanie Schoch, Wanyu Du and Yangfeng Ji

Controllable Sentence Simplification with a Unified Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer (T5)
Kim Cheng SHEANG and Horacio Saggion

Decoding, Fast and Slow: A Case Study on Balancing Trade-Offs in Incremental, Character-level Pragmatic Reasoning
Sina Zarrieß, Hendrik Buschmeier, Ting Han and Simeon Schüz 

Enriching the E2E dataset
Thiago Castro Ferreira, Helena Vaz, Brian Davis and Adriana Pagano

Examining Covert Gender Bias: A Case Study in Turkish and English Machine Translation Models
Chloe Ciora, Nur Iren and Malihe Alikhani

Explaining Decision-Tree Predictions by Addressing Potential Conflicts between Predictions and Plausible Expectations
Sameen Maruf, Ingrid Zukerman, Ehud Reiter and Gholamreza Haffari

Exploring Input Representation Granularity for Generating Questions Satisfying Question-Answer Congruence
Madeeswaran Kannan, Haemanth Santhi Ponnusamy, Kordula De Kuthy, Lukas Stein and Detmar Meurers

Exploring Structural Encoding for Data-to-Text Generation
Joy Mahapatra and Utpal Garain

Formulating Sentence Ordering as the Asymmetric Travelling Salesman Problem
Vishal Keswani and Harsh Jhamtani

Generating Diverse Descriptions from Semantic Graphs
Jiuzhou Han, Daniel Beck and Trevor Cohn

Generating Racing Game Commentary from Vision, Language, and Structured Data
Tatsuya Ishigaki, Goran Topic, Yumi Hamazono, Hiroshi Noji, Ichiro Kobayashi, Yusuke Miyao and Hiroya Takamura

Goal-Oriented Script Construction
Qing Lyu, Li Zhang and Chris Callison-Burch

GraphPlan: Story Generation by Planning with Event Graph
Hong Chen, Raphael Shu, Hiroya Takamura and Hideki Nakayama

HI-CMLM: Improve CMLM with Hybrid Decoder Input
Minghan Wang, GUO Jiaxin, Yuxia Wang, Yimeng Chen, Su Chang, Daimeng Wei, Min Zhang, Shimin Tao and Hao Yang

Multi-Sentence Knowledge Selection in Open-Domain Dialogue
Mihail Eric, Nicole Chartier, Behnam Hedayatnia, Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Pankaj Rajan, Yang Liu and Dilek Hakkani-Tur

Neural Methodius Revisited: Do Discourse Relations Help with Pre-Trained Models Too?
Aleksandre Maskharashvili, Symon Stevens-Guille, Xintong Li and Michael White

Predicting Antonyms in Context using BERT
Ayana Niwa, Keisuke Nishiguchi and Naoaki Okazaki

SAPPHIRE: Approaches for Enhanced Concept-to-Text Generation
Steven Y. Feng, Jessica Huynh, Chaitanya Prasad Narisetty, Eduard Hovy and Varun Gangal

Self-Training for Compositional Neural NLG in Task-Oriented Dialogue
Xintong Li, Symon Stevens-Guille, Aleksandre Maskharashvili and Michael White

SEPRG: Sentiment aware Emotion controlled Personalized Response Generation
Mauajama Firdaus, Umang Jain, Asif Ekbal and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Single Example Can Improve Zero-Shot Data Generation
Pavel Burnyshev, Valentin Malykh, Andrey Bout, Ekaterina Artemova and Irina Piontkovskaya

Towards Zero-Shot Multilingual Synthetic Question and Answer Generation for Cross-Lingual Reading Comprehension
Siamak Shakeri, Noah Constant, Mihir Kale and Linting Xue

Underreporting of errors in NLG output, and what to do about it
Emiel van Miltenburg, Miruna-Adriana Clinciu, Ondřej Dušek, Dimitra Gkatzia, Stephanie Inglis, Leo Leppänen, Saad Mahamood, Emma Manning, Stephanie Schoch, Craig Thomson and Luou Wen

Using BERT for choosing classifiers in Mandarin
Jani J. Järnfors, Guanyi Chen, Kees van Deemter and Rint Sybesma

WeaSuLπ: Weakly Supervised Dialogue Policy Learning: Reward Estimation for Multi-turn Dialogue
Anant Khandelwal

What can Neural Referential Form Selectors Learn?
Guanyi Chen, Fahime Same and Kees van Deemter

Generation Challenges papers at INLG 2021
New challenges

A Proposal of Feedback Comment Generation for Language Learners
Ryo Nagata, Masato Hagiwara, Kazuaki Hanawa and Masato Mita

DialogSum Challenge: Summarizing Real-Life Scenario Dialogues
Yulong Chen, Yang Liu and Yue Zhang

Quality Evaluation of the Low-Resource Synthetically Generated Code-Mixed Hinglish Text
Vivek Srivastava and Mayank Singh

Task Proposal: Training Instance Selection for Few-Shot Neural Text Generation
Ernie Chang, Xiaoyu Shen, Alex Marin and Vera Demberg

Evaluating accuracy challenge

Automatic Verification of Data Summaries
Rayhane Rezgui, Mohammed Saeed and Paolo Papotti

Generation Challenges: Results of the Accuracy Evaluation Shared Task
Craig Thomson and Ehud Reiter

Grounding NBA Matchup Summaries
Tadashi Nomoto

Shared Task in Evaluating Accuracy: Leveraging Pre-Annotations in the Validation Process
Nicolas Garneau and Luc Lamontagne

Text-in-Context: Token-Level Error Detection for Table-to-Text Generation
Zdeněk Kasner, Simon Mille and Ondřej Dušek

ReproGen challenge

The ReproGen Shared Task on Reproducibility of Human Evaluations in NLG: Overview and Results
Anya Belz, Shubham Agarwal, Ehud Reiter and Anastasia Shimorina

Reproducing a comparison of hedged and non-hedged NLG texts
Saad Mahamood

Another PASS - A Reproduction Study of the Human Evaluation of a Football Report Generation System
Simon Mille, Thiago Castro Ferreira, Anya Belz and Brian Davis

A Reproduction Study of an Annotation-based Human Evaluation of MT Outputs
Maja Popović and Anya Belz

TUDA-Reproducibility @ ReproGen: Replicability of Human Evaluation of Text-To-Text and Concept-To-Text Generation
Christian Richter, Yanran Chen and Steffen Eger